There are lots of things I hate

About trauma

Real honest to goodness trauma


How it automatically steals

Future joy

How it cripples effective communication

How it makes trenches

With one way signs in brains

How it dictates patterns

Of protection

Of avoidance

Of self-sabotage

Of self- destruction

Of hyper-vigilance

How it demands boundaries

That are more like walls

And armor

And obstacles

For protection

Which work only barely

Against future abuse

Or future survival

But works more effectively

At keeping away success

And joy

And love

And safety

And how relentless it is

At making a person feel


And broken

And angry

And how unfair it all is

That it happens all the time

And how many of us

This describes

4 thoughts on “THE SINS OF TRAUMA

  1. Mow many? Maybe, in some degree almost everybody. It may not be the big catastrophic, overwhelming assaults, but the slow crush of years of disregard and disrespect, or the thousand cuts of micro-aggression, the hurts so easily passed over as “no big thing” that still fester. Does anybody really escape? Kindness, compassion, and empathy call us to assume not, even when we cannot know the details.

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