The flip was switched Or the switch flipped Either way Or some way The deed was done The dirty deed Was done cheap But not cheaply Because we are all Professionals here Pausing at green lights Running through reds Our attention switched Spans too quick Intelligence waning We are all disguised In filters and memes…


The turbulence is there Even in the quiet Inside the gentle rocking The to and fro of life It’s always, always there Like a crouching cat Just waiting To release its fury Because at its core Turbulence is furious And before you know it Before you can hold on With great sweeping tides And deep…


Experience falls upon us Settling in layered beds Muddy rust, shiny silver Crystals of every color Debris and rotted roots Every single one of us A unique mix of sediment With treasures not easily seen But always worth digging for


There it was just lying there Purpose holding tight to hope Clinging so hard to the dwindling Dominance of a careless faith That the ground began to rise As if dark itself was being born


Like glitter falling from a broken sky Jagged little pieces of atmosphere Cut through these hands of mine There are no silver horizons and Only shards to illustrate the moon Who will fall out of these reflections Once the ground collects their souls


It’s reality My perspective It’s dangerous It’s painful It’s persistent My heart Is silent My brain Is chaotic My life feels MEANINGless My efforts feel WORTHless