My name is Angela but practically everyone calls me Hasty now.  I started this site (seems like a lifetime ago) as a way to deal with my depression.  I almost died.  I almost gave up. Writing helped keep me connected to myself and to the world around me.  I had no idea the journey this blog had planned for me.  My life is here for all to see.  And I am so grateful for all the friendships I’ve made here.

I am presently medication free but it took a whole lot of work, learning, growing and struggling to get to this point.  I got divorced and am raising the most incredible teenage girl.  I am in a long distance relationship with the love of my life and am working hard to find a way to have a life with him.  In the meantime though… I still write now and then and I paint to help make ends meet.

Below you can see some of the books I’ve published,  and a few collaborations.  I hope you check them out… and if you do please remember to leave a review.

Life is hard. Sometimes it’s really hard.

But… we got each other.

Below you will find one short film and 3 books.  All can be found on Amazon currently.  


I was the Production Manager for this short film which you can check out on Amazon.  It is a 16 minute documentary about a teenage girl “Brianna Jonnie” fighting for equal treatment and care for Indigenous kids who go missing.  Currently you can watch this film for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member.  Please remember to leave a review if you are able. ❤

Currently on Amazon Prime “IF I GO MISSING”  

A love note like no other, this collection of poems intimately presents a body of work created entirely as a romantic gesture from one sweet soul to another. Lovingly compiled, co-authored and edited by Byron J. Hamel, this revised collection of poetry originally written by Angela Hasty Bellingham explores her struggles with the horrors of depression and grief. A dark dreamscape of explosive minimalism. The reader is rushed into the far and surreal reaches of heartache, madness, chaos, and true loneliness, but soothed by elusive hope and perseverance. IF NOT WORDS


Modern day poetry from the shadowy corners of an overactive imagination. Whether we embrace the night or we fear it, one thing is for certain: almost anything can be hiding in the dark. Take a peek at what is hiding in wait.

Depression has a way of sneaking into your life and before you know it you are caught in a dance you can’t cut away from. This is about my dance with depression complete with the moments of desperation as well as the moments of hope.


14 thoughts on “PUBLISHED

  1. ~~~ My words for The Beautiful You and your Wonderful Poems~~~

    If there is one word that could do justice to Angela’s poetry, it has
    to be “magic”. I fell head on heels for her poems ever since I first
    stumbled upon them on WordPress. She is the one who inspired me to
    take my poetry flare to the next level. Her poems portray a world of
    their own and they make you ponder. The vivid imagination that she
    has; paints a picture that stays forever etched in the contours of my
    Be sure to ride a journey you will never forget when you go through
    her magical words. It has been an absolute delight to come across such
    a beautiful soul who weaves magic with words.

    Shruti F @ AShadeOfPen.

    Liked by 1 person

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