The faucet drips It’s consistent At first it pained me Made me anxious Made me uncomfortable I tried to fix it It needed something I didn’t have I could have Turned off the water But that wouldn’t fix What was broken So I sat with it Listened to the drip Became one with the drip…


There are lots of things I hate About trauma Real honest to goodness trauma Like… How it automatically steals Future joy How it cripples effective communication How it makes trenches With one way signs in brains How it dictates patterns Of protection Of avoidance Of self-sabotage Of self- destruction Of hyper-vigilance How it demands boundaries…


There are fractions of me Scattered all over the floor And I feel like if I knew math I’d be able to solve them Puzzle them out for good Once and for all And I’d be a whole… finally Like all of you


Silence sits on the sideline As the universe passes by Millions of stars crying blue Pleading to a heavy moon And shadows on bended knee Praying to their own deity And when the whispering ends And all the great things say goodbye Silence will stand with back straight And use its very golden voice To…


I wanted to exit, bad at mending Can’t shake, don’t purposely over bake The thoughts they keep sending Estranged and over lines set center Worrying about what’s ahead But hey, shrug, I’m just a renter Pull up baseboards, hammer floors There’s gotta be something under here A city of dead behind half hanging doors Rooms…


Where once tidal waves lived Calm waters slowly lap the shore I wanted to destroy cities To ensure my own destruction I wanted to drown the whole world So I couldn’t hear my own thoughts But the cities held strong against me My energy began to wane with the moon And my waves absorbed the…


It’s strange to me Looking back now At the way I was I felt confident Shimmery Or like A disco ball Breathing colors On every surface I felt magical Like a unicorn With pretty clothes And glittery makeup Totally deluded By my own Optical illusions


It starts small A turned knob An open door Well hello Old friend How have you been? A memory stirs With a wicked hand A light goes out You’ve closed the door But it doesn’t matter You’re not alone The whispering starts And the tears come Because you know Depression Always uninvited Tends to overstay


The grass is still wet And the ground is warm Roots drink in water Ants make their tunnels Worms lazily burrow A symphony of sounds If one could hear them Through soil and stone But the dead don’t hear Not like the living do The dead are listening The way the universe does


I tore out all my hair And watched it Like a tumbleweed Float softly like Cotton candy strings Dancing in the breeze Further and further Away from me Never again a part of me