FORGET the fact that although I planned to run this morning my sleepy eyes had other ideas. FORGET the fact that I couldn’t find anything to wear to work because sleeping in is ruining my running efforts.  FORGET the fact that I couldn’t find my makeup to hide the stress bumps on my face (yea I know they are pimples).  FORGET the fact that I didn’t have time to send all my normal good morning texts to everyone. FORGET the fact that I am cranky and have a ginormous wedgie at the moment.


I got to work this morning and the first person on my mind was my husband.  We have this thing we used to do where I would come in and he had a special made up or random word waiting for me on my Instant Messenger.  I would then reply with something equally as strange.  For example, he would have the word Tangerine waiting for me and I would reply Mango juice.  etc.  I know it’s nerdy but it was our thing.  Well a few weeks ago I had IM, Facebook, and Twitter blocked on my computer at work.  I didn’t need or want the added distraction.  In all honesty, I was getting too caught up in other people’s lives…but that is another story.  I also do not take my phone out of my purse at work except at lunch.  Less communication with the world has also resulted in less communication with my husband.

So again, I got to work and my husband was first on my mind.  I sent him an email letting him know I loved him and to have a great day more or less.  You see I didn’t text him because I knew I had his email and I would be able to think and sit on what I wanted to say.  Besides he gets to work early and I knew texting would be more distracting.  Email is something he can check whenever he wants.  Point is I had the most loving intentions when I sent him this email.  The response I got was not what I expected.  His response wondered why I didn’t text when he was sure I texted everyone else.  I didn’t meet his expectations.

We are a society full of expectations but I think often times we never learn to handle our expectations.  I truly believe expectations will be the death of us if we don’t learn to just enjoy what is.  What could have been, what should have been, what I wanted, what I didn’t get …..   We hear it all the time: Live in the present, be joyful for what you get.  OR as my daughter learned in Preschool you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!


  1. I agree totally. Hand-and-hand with expectations is assumptions. If people stopped assuming, and building on those assumptions, we wouldn’t have so many failed relationships.


  2. “Life is largely a matter of expectation.” – Horace
    Our job is to manage our own.
    “Let love be the rule, let the little things slide, let beauty be tool, and joy be our guide.” -DP Bowman (You just inspired that.)


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