The shoes were thin and worn

The day was windy and rainy

The voices demanded volume

And the faces… they were blurry

They don’t care. They don’t care.

They don’t care. They don’t care.

And the tears don’t matter

They’ve just made it harder

Can’t breathe underwater

And the blood doesn’t matter

It’s just wet rust… pitter patter

The heart is drowning

But the brain just smirks…

I told you so

I fucking told you so

Hey let’s play would you rather

Would you rather be loved

Knowing you’ll be hated too

Or would you rather be

Nothing at all

5 thoughts on “CUT SANDWICHES

  1. That’s the deal
    it’s simple, really
    the coin has two sides
    can’t have one
    without the other
    all of it
    both sides
    heads and tails
    or, if you like
    the Yin and Yang
    the light and dark
    love and hate
    truth and lies
    or, don’t take the coin
    have nothing
    be nothing
    feel nothing
    a wind up doll
    dancing as if alive

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  2. Sometimes, it’s not easy, to find that balance between the need to hate someone, in order to get over what’s been broken in the relationship, but in hating the other person who broke our hearts, we are also, hating, our own, selves. And, eventually, when we became, completely, drained, then, we finally come to understand, that this strong a hate we feel, is, equivalent, to, exactly how much we loved, that, other certain, someone.

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