I’d never been afraid of the hallway. The echoes it carried. The voices. The feet. The light that zigzagged across the floor. That landed on the walls. That rained from the ceiling. It’s always been there to welcome and carry me from one room to the next. And there were always countless rooms. So many…


  My thoughts, so many Hung like strings Dripping a quality I could not pinpoint I felt at this moment I must bear fully The abrupt pains They presented Like unwelcome visitors Of the utmost distinction Like fraying golden threads In a very important seam However, I couldn’t shake The scheming I felt Attached to…


I sit most of my day Looking at you I’m dependent on you The only person That cares about you You hold so much info I’d be totally lost Completely confused Up a muddy creek If anything happened To the intelligence You possess You hold the lock And I literally Hold the key


The days slowly crawl From sunrise to sunset The same words echo Until they fall silent The sky mourns us With determined drops That fall heavy Even maybe a bit angry At our solitude Because Even heaven understands Our torment at being apart


I was thinking about our ancestors. All of them. The cultures and the sacrifices made for the good of the next to come. And who we are now. What we will leave behind. My dreams Turned into fiery butterflies Colorful pin points of light Dancing free among stars Until a strong wind came And blew…