I got your hips locked hypnotic in a trance

My eyes pull you deeper with a gyrating stance

Feel my heart beat, beat, beating  to our dance

You became my victim when I made my entrance

You’re mine, you’re mine mine

I’m a bloodsucker and I am making you mine

My veins run toxic but pay no never mind

I’m intriguing, appealing and seemingly refined

Ignore my enchantment meant to make you blind

Trust me I’ll be gentle and ever so kind

So lend yourself to me and I’ll help you unwind

You’re mine, you’re mine mine

I’m a bloodsucker and I am making you mine

I’ll steal your desire and make it my own

Instinctively craving my sexual unknown

The tension in the air begins to make you moan

I’ll find a dark corner where we can be alone

Where your heart to death be reborn

Where I can eat you up

While you beg for mercy

My beautiful prey

You’re mine, you’re mine mine

13 thoughts on “SEXUAL UNKNOWN

  1. Hastywords, thanks for the like. I thought I would pop by. Very fun photo shoot. I’m never able to let loose quite like that. I do love true blood. In fact, I have been working on a peice, trying to decide if True Blood or American Idol is potentially more damaging to my young children. *smile* Your poem would be great to music.


    • Thanks I had a tune in my head as I wrote it. My poem copa love in the archives is actually linked to a site where another friend set it to music. All in fun 🙂


  2. I like this a lot especially the photo-shoot,
    how exceedingly wicked of you 😉 Truly sublime
    with every dark and lustful bite 🙂 VvvV


    • It uis definitely worthy of a 1st attempt 🙂
      I have just added a script from 2009 that
      you might enjoy, it is a tad wicked though
      so be prepared to scream or laugh 😉 lol


      • I totally agree, though entering the dungeon at this juncture is not necessary, well unless you want to of course? 🙂 😉 Just kidding…


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