This is my final Sage/Grimm post. Well… it is more of a Thank You post and a please read Grimm post!!!!! Sage has asked me to let everyone know he should be back up and running by Friday and to have a Happy Thanksgiving! When do fictional characters become real?  When we fall in love…


  These knives drip cerise history The life blood of past martyrs Have been absorbed by sandy gravel Knives crafted to feed our names To our virgin soil; our earth Tilling our plots of land into stories We will create our own sacred ground


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Conversations and Duets A small collection, free to read, review, or not, just tap, click, or whatever it is you do to access the book via the image above. Once there, one will find a selection of collaborative poems with authors from Australia, India, and the United States of America.…

She was Summer Storms

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So I brought you a pretty cool prompt full of lots of words to use! Here’s my take on it. Enjoy! Remember, you have to link your entry up by tonight at midnight to be in the count for tomorrow’s voting! ? She had this way of sipping denial One hundred…