The world It expands It contracts It breathes Deep yawns Giant exhales And I here I am Tasked with Holding on As it slowly Sucks in life Before spitting It out again


Sometimes I can feel it The fading or the leaving The small ways of ending It’s slight and unassuming Just a strange passing And it feels like indifference But it’s tricky that way Because it’s the opposite It’s the fear snaking around It’s the worry and anxiety Whispering so very softly Before the noise buries…


It was perfect A sphere String Wrapped up Just sitting Silent On her lap Sunshine colors Soft to touch Strong fibers Destined For greatness Before suddenly Falling hard To the floor Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling


I tore out all my hair And watched it Like a tumbleweed Float softly like Cotton candy strings Dancing in the breeze Further and further Away from me Never again a part of me


Sometimes the walls cry Flooded by waterfalls Stones crumble then fly Leaving a pile a mile high Carvings on pieces Blood splatter dialog Rooms left behind Flooded and drained Moldy rotting floors Splinter weak doors Rooms left behind But never forgotten


A cavalcade of horrors Abominable explorers March around the face Barely keeping pace Ticks marking seconds As the past steadily beckons Hands running retrograde The harvester already paid Searching all the memories For every infernal enemy Be careful what you chose To reverse, repeat, rewind You have only everything to lose


I love music. But I have to be careful with it. If I listen to sad music all day I’ll become sad. Angry music I’ll become angry. So why not always listen to happy music? Because you need balance. If you aren’t happy it could help or it could make you feel even more alone.…


You’ve been seen as broken and vulnerable As a burden, as emotional, as unreliable As irrational, as unstable, as crazy And all have been true… sometimes But more often than not And I mean far more often You’ve been none of those things People don’t see context They don’t care about situation They see you…


I climbed so high There were flags I forgot mine So nobody knew Nobody actually cared Why did I climb? All that time All that energy All the effort and life Climbing For nothing but memory And experience And strength And the passing of time Onto the next mountain More climbing I suppose One step…


There were olives in a bowl Crickets outside the window The dishwasher was washing And my mind was ticking To do lists making demands Run on sentences colliding Memories interrogated Negotiating times and places Thoughts flipping like pancakes And emotions like cheese whiz Melting under a big orange sun I’m hungry and I’m tired And…