The grass is still wet And the ground is warm Roots drink in water Ants make their tunnels Worms lazily burrow A symphony of sounds If one could hear them Through soil and stone But the dead don’t hear Not like the living do The dead are listening The way the universe does


They told me I couldn’t do it. They screamed at me when I tried. They laughed when I began succeeding. And they found reasons to hate me when I actually accomplished it. It took a long time to realize I didn’t need their encouragement to succeed. I wanted it. I strived for it. But in…


I’ve been sober for quite some time. Aug 10, 2014 I woke up knowing I could never drink again. And I haven’t. I think about and can go back into the brain I had. I can feel all the heartsick and pain. All the ways I let the world torture me… how I tortured myself.…


Sometimes you hate yourself And you think everyone else Should hate you too So you make up reasons And concoct scenarious That prove that it’s true Because if it’s true then You don’t have to focus On why you hate yourself And you can begin To defend yourself From the other person And then maybe…


Life is unpredictable. If we know anything it’s that. We don’t get to decide who we are born to, where we are born, or what abilities or disabilities we might have. We are all born into an unsolvable puzzle. A maze with walls that move, windows that won’t budge, fences made with wire, wood, stone,…


Small, thin, malleable Strands of long, skinny wire Twisted and woven Between bone and sinew Positive connecting negative Animation progressing Pieced together leftovers A created strength She walks through Sleeping ghosts Hungry zombies And broken humans Searching for survivors


The world It expands It contracts It breathes Deep yawns Giant exhales And I here I am Tasked with Holding on As it slowly Sucks in life Before spitting It out again


Sometimes I can feel it The fading or the leaving The small ways of ending It’s slight and unassuming Just a strange passing And it feels like indifference But it’s tricky that way Because it’s the opposite It’s the fear snaking around It’s the worry and anxiety Whispering so very softly Before the noise buries…


It was perfect A sphere String Wrapped up Just sitting Silent On her lap Sunshine colors Soft to touch Strong fibers Destined For greatness Before suddenly Falling hard To the floor Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling Unraveling


I tore out all my hair And watched it Like a tumbleweed Float softly like Cotton candy strings Dancing in the breeze Further and further Away from me Never again a part of me