I wash my face with midnightAs the moonlight settles inI let it sink into my skinAnd caress my every curveChilled from a winter breezeI’m numb to its nimble handFocus and clarity do I seekBreathing in frozen gustsMy lungs fill with rationalityAnd I can once again begin


I found calm Steady breath A place where The quiet feels… Composed But what if I’m in the eye Of the storm? What if chaos Has just settled Like sand does Waiting for the heat To clash with the cold Inside my brain What if his screams What if his anger What if their words…


I look around at all the people who have made me feel unimportant and the crowd never gets smaller. And it never will. They have taken my smiles and put them in a pocket stuffed with their crumpled up receipts and mostly chewed gum wads. They’ve stolen my words and my deeds and gave them…


Sometimes you just have to stand back, take a few big breaths, and refocus on the world around you. I think sometimes everything feels too tight, too set, too closed in. Feelings of being penned into a corner, and like there are only a few choices can be stifling. The world is so big. So…


It’s so complex At first glance Overwhelming Hard to grasp Too many Variables Options Buts and ifs And… ands It’s complex Until you dig in Cut into it Rip it apart Until it’s simple Solveable Actionable Easy peasy


I decided a few things. Settled a few things about myself I’d been struggling with. Mainly little things that have caused far too much anxiety. So… I let go. I let go of all the hopes and dreams and opened a mental bank account for the energy I spent on them. I’ll use that energy…


You know that place where The nights fall And the days get buried The place where Rivers run Rainbows fade And breezes fall silent That’s the place I need to find So I can rest Far away From this place


It doesn’t matter It doesn’t compute It doesn’t work It doesn’t want to keep Fighting the same fight Listening to the same lies It doesn’t want to exist In this one moment It doesn’t want to think It doesn’t want to work It doesn’t want to be