Woke up looking for myself AGAIN.  I could feel reality playing hide-n-seek in my mind AGAIN. Desperately trying to find any evidence I had been there, a trail, breadcrumbs, anything AGAIN.  A clue that might help me find my confidence before the insecurities, in this absence of reality,  come out and play and run rampant AGAIN. I jump in the shower because many times this is where I find myself AGAIN.  But like many other times it doesn’t work AGAIN.  I hurry to find myself in music and sit listening to Michael Buble sing to me about a new day, a new dawn, and a new life and I hope to be feeling good AGAIN.  Apparantly, today it isn’t going to be easy AGAIN.  The happy, optimistic, fearless, loving, part of me has been bullied deep into the alleyways of my mind AGAIN.  As I look outside I realize the clouds in the sky are bullying the sun AGAIN.  I worry all hope for finding myself today are lost when I hear the most beautiful voice say, “Hey, Good morning mom!” and like many times before I find myself in her eyes AGAIN.

7 thoughts on “AGAIN….AGAIN…AGAIN

  1. I enjoyed this and can totally relate. This ones are little miracles and constant reminders of love again and again. Great post, and thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!


  2. you keep talking about getting old…maybe it’s because we get to a point when we feel we really should just settle for what is familiar, the dream of being extremely free and happy doesn’t seem to exist for us. i dream that all the time…your aren’t alone


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