It’s so complex At first glance Overwhelming Hard to grasp Too many Variables Options Buts and ifs And… ands It’s complex Until you dig in Cut into it Rip it apart Until it’s simple Solveable Actionable Easy peasy


You know that place where The nights fall And the days get buried The place where Rivers run Rainbows fade And breezes fall silent That’s the place I need to find So I can rest Far away From this place


It doesn’t matter It doesn’t compute It doesn’t work It doesn’t want to keep Fighting the same fight Listening to the same lies It doesn’t want to exist In this one moment It doesn’t want to think It doesn’t want to work It doesn’t want to be


So many colors Melt into my eyes Absorbing the light And transforming it Distorting it Then transporting it Into bundles Small and nondescript Barely noticeable Into the universe Of black and white


I forget how depression feels sometimes.  That’s dangerous.  To forget isn’t an option.  I have to remind myself how sneaky and insidious it is.  I must remember what it felt like to be its prisoner.  Depression as a room and me held captive against my will.  I am so grateful to have escaped this room……


I wish we didn’t need sleep but we do. I’m starting to feel age creeping into my bones and my brain and now more than ever I’m realizing how important a clear and stable mind sleep is. Brittle bones Trapped In a bag of flesh Fat dissolving Organs hardening Brain short Short Short-circuiting Life deteriorating…


People work hard at orchestrating how other people feel. Their need to be loved and liked is powerful. I wasn’t very old the first time I realized not everyone liked me. I met a woman who was in her late 20’s before she realized not everyone liked her. She remembers the revelation as traumatic because…


The world is speeding A blurry comet streaking A surface full of ghosts Wondering dazed in a fog Give me this day our… What are the words? The prayer we used to say When all went wrong? He’s got the whole world In the palm of his hand And he’s bouncing it Banking it off…


Kids can be super picky eaters. Mine was no exception. She’s grateful though because she knows we live in a land of plenty. Even if she doesn’t love it she learned early to say thank you. And she actually LOVES Brussels. It’s the way her nose scrunches up When she doesn’t like the menu How…