Sometimes the road parts And there is nothing there for you One takes you up the other down And neither one leads to happy Nothing but trouble and worry So do you stay? Do you stand still? Keep what you have and wait? Or do you head off road… off map Find that happy you…


He stood silent Staring at hands Full of broken dreams The beating was soft Barely just an echo A life fading And it was him Who cried for it The small heart Made for only one


The moment was magic Erasing every little doubt Like a lighthouse beaming Peering deep into the dark The ghosts stopped haunting And the devils stood in awe For there was no other alive Not ever To silence her darkness With one little smile


I’m going under And the pain is cold And the rushing grabs hold And won’t let me go Hopeless moments bleed Into the sinking ground And I can’t move I can’t reach out And I’m swallowed As the world sings Stay beneath You aren’t good enough To walk among us


What was the purpose When it all feels useless What if she just called Life’s perverse bluff The universe lied The greatest distraction The boldest cruelty The sunsets, the dawn The rain showers The ocean waves The destruction of life Held by them all Quietly waiting For us to understand There’s nothing But pain in…


Survival means Breathing dust made of glass Heartache like stickpins Racing through veins It means sucking up lava And spitting out shards of ice It’s walking on rusty nails And bleeding out your disease It’s burdening cancerous boils Of sadness and despair As love works it’s magic Making all the hard stuff Worth the surviving


In that moment I am alone Sometimes the love stays Wraps me up Like a warm blanket does Consoles my soul Like your strong arms can But sometimes I can feel the ice form Before you’ve taken a step Before you can turn away Before you say goodbye And it freezes everything I can barely…


The flip was switched Or the switch flipped Either way Or some way The deed was done The dirty deed Was done cheap But not cheaply Because we are all Professionals here Pausing at green lights Running through reds Our attention switched Spans too quick Intelligence waning We are all disguised In filters and memes…