I keep looking down

To see if my skin is still there

It feels like it’s crawling off

Trying to leave me exposed

No way to hold myself in

I keep grinding my teeth

So much my fingernails hurt

Sympathy pains maybe

Spreading throughout my body

My muscles are tense

Working my joints

Warming my bones

I might catch fire

It would be my luck

My thoughts would still think

After incineration of all else

I think maybe that’s hell

The moonless midnight

The cradle of despair

A condemning sorrow

Crying tears of kerosene

Creating a wicked dance

To depression’s lament

4 thoughts on “THE LAMENT

  1. Wow can sense the anguished, of lost in your words.

    Searching to find who goddam truly meant to be want the world to see you as yet affliction. of self-masquerading rides the endless cycle of the roller coaster affect.

    Reminds me very much of ” The Tree of ME.”

    If you want to see it let me know …. keep feeding your fire and infusing your creative flow.


    Primal R.e.p.r


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