I see her The many hers Living life around me Growing up hard Bodies holding bruises Smiles forged by heartache Eyes that glisten like fire glass There’s always such a burning Slow and steady Working at their insides Making them stronger? Making them angrier? Will they become supervillains? Will they become heroes? People talk about…


Maybe the words won’t flow There is no waterfall No marching syllables Maybe the sigh doesn’t come There is no gentle breeze No soft release of air Maybe the eyes can’t see There is no rising sun No focused images Maybe there is no beat There is no thunder No vital signs


Living is a choice Every single time And it’s been awhile Since I imagined death I wanted to know How the water would feel If I breathed it in I’ve heard it hurts But only for a moment And then I wondered If it would matter If it would hurt anyone And I couldn’t imagine…


It’s hard to explain The nature of things That are invisible Science tries to With measurements With observations Sampling reality By constricting By eliminating Trying to find The reason The basis The foundation That makes An invisible thing True or false But sometimes The invisible thing Is just invisible It doesn’t exist In the place…


It’s a fight. Sometimes I freeze Watch the storm come Glued to my spot I know what it brings I know it’s bigger I know it’s stronger I know it’s dark And menacing And that I should run I know too It was inevitable That it would Come back for me And yet I’m frozen…


I found calm Steady breath A place where The quiet feels… Composed But what if I’m in the eye Of the storm? What if chaos Has just settled Like sand does Waiting for the heat To clash with the cold Inside my brain What if his screams What if his anger What if their words…


You know that place where The nights fall And the days get buried The place where Rivers run Rainbows fade And breezes fall silent That’s the place I need to find So I can rest Far away From this place


It doesn’t matter It doesn’t compute It doesn’t work It doesn’t want to keep Fighting the same fight Listening to the same lies It doesn’t want to exist In this one moment It doesn’t want to think It doesn’t want to work It doesn’t want to be


So many colors Melt into my eyes Absorbing the light And transforming it Distorting it Then transporting it Into bundles Small and nondescript Barely noticeable Into the universe Of black and white