It was an early December morning and I was hungover. I had far too much to drink the night before for someone who hardly ever drank. I remember walking outside to cool off and sitting in the snow. It seemed a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Little did I know the next morning was going…


My jaw clenches My fingernails Yearn to scratch At layers of skin My joints ache Rigidity laced Stand like a statue Hold still, hold still Breathe in slow Hold… maybe Forever if you can Fix your stare On a calmer future Moments past this Tick tick tick Final loud tock Exhale Open your eyes Look…


The curve winds around Like a snake that slithers Underneath my veins I can’t feel the motion Or understand why It’s wrapping itself Around my everyday But it’s dragging me From my focus And pulling me From my slumber Waiting inside my joints Trying to convince me It’s all hopeless


Steps were heavy Growing heavier Taking more effort Making her slower A shaking began More of a tremor With each footfall Was a tidal wave Of fluid motion Her years kept her Clung to her bones And held her tight She was caught Underneath gravity Sink ing deeper Into the ground Becoming The ground