The faucet drips

It’s consistent

At first it pained me

Made me anxious

Made me uncomfortable

I tried to fix it

It needed something

I didn’t have

I could have

Turned off the water

But that wouldn’t fix

What was broken

So I sat with it

Listened to the drip

Became one with the drip

Realized the drip

Had a lot to say

About me

About who I was

The drip was wise

And I got used

To the sound

Made it a part of me

And now… if it got fixed

I would be broken

7 thoughts on “THE FAUCET

  1. This reminds of the masquerade of the smile many see it as an act of joy but so many fail to see it conceals the agony from within like Porcelain Doll object of obsession Global Icon ppl die to looked like envious of…

    Mean well she wanting to crawl, out of her own skin and shattered the reflection of disgust smiling back at her.

    Embrace your Darkness it is apart of you whether you choose to accept it or not !!! ” Primal R.e.p.r


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