Reconciling never ends

As the narrow bones

Widen into countries

And the steps descend

Into chaotic drumbeats

We churn the gold out

Spread it on idols

Tarnished repetition

Tok tok tok tok tik

Developing desperation

The bell tolled

And landscapes rolled

And nobody

Was the wiser

5 thoughts on “TRENDSPOTTING

  1. I heard somebody quoted today (I forget who) as saying the world is perfect and beautiful, but humans are a great disappointment. Yes, there are days that feel that way, and I think you painted it well.

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  2. And that is why, this world is, in this huge a mess, because none of the leaders are, wise enough, but they foolishly believe, that, they are, the, wisest of them, all! And it’s still, we the people, who will end up, suffering the, most.

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