I’m a big fan of black and white photography. Landscapes and portraits. It’s simple and yet a complex mix of shade, of brightness and hues. When it comes to experiences black and white just won’t do. I want bold and soft. Pastel and neon. I want to live in a world full of colorful personalities,…


Silence has a sound If you listen Does it sound like peace Quiet breathing Content thoughts Kind memories Your own heartbeat Or is it loud Electrical humming Chaos echoing A chorus of voices That sound like you? Berating you? Scolding you? Questioning you? And then answering you? Internal silence doesn’t exist And sometimes it asks…


It’s hard to explain The nature of things That are invisible Science tries to With measurements With observations Sampling reality By constricting By eliminating Trying to find The reason The basis The foundation That makes An invisible thing True or false But sometimes The invisible thing Is just invisible It doesn’t exist In the place…


I wash my face with midnightAs the moonlight settles inI let it sink into my skinAnd caress my every curveChilled from a winter breezeI’m numb to its nimble handFocus and clarity do I seekBreathing in frozen gustsMy lungs fill with rationalityAnd I can once again begin


I found calm Steady breath A place where The quiet feels… Composed But what if I’m in the eye Of the storm? What if chaos Has just settled Like sand does Waiting for the heat To clash with the cold Inside my brain What if his screams What if his anger What if their words…


It’s so complex At first glance Overwhelming Hard to grasp Too many Variables Options Buts and ifs And… ands It’s complex Until you dig in Cut into it Rip it apart Until it’s simple Solveable Actionable Easy peasy


It isn’t a joke, I whisper The tears you see Are a part of me A churning sea A steady roar Filled to capacity Waves of brine Crashing inside me Knocking my ribs Tearing at stability I am a boat, I whisper And what you see Is the storm trying To break free I’m a…


It’s a curse to feel it all The heart aching words The eye kicking looks Like a tide turning pulse Racing like falling stars Across my universe The sky wants to fall Full of ice sharpened birds With piercing claw hooks And a needling impulse To open up these scars Yet again, I’m immersed


It wasn’t a castle But it was his castle I wasn’t a servent But I felt like one Obedience worn As decades fell And it was those My years of life Screaming at me Forever hoping I’d be worth More than that X marks the spot So much lost Beneath my feet