Sometimes you hate yourself

And you think everyone else

Should hate you too

So you make up reasons

And concoct scenarious

That prove that it’s true

Because if it’s true then

You don’t have to focus

On why you hate yourself

And you can begin

To defend yourself

From the other person

And then maybe

Convince yourself

You aren’t so bad

That you’re pretty great

You’re amazing in fact

It’s just too bad

You couldn’t do that

On your own

Because you are great

And that other person

Probably thinks you’re great too

I think when I’m down on myself everything hurts my feelings. I take things wrong. I think people don’t like me and convince myself it’s got to be truth.

Now when I’m hurt I have to ask myself why? Is it because of something I already feel about myself? Normally the answer is yes.

If the answer is yes then I can examine if what hurt my feelings was meant to hurt my feelings. 9 times out of 10 I just misunderstood because my own feelings about myself got in the way.

7 thoughts on “SELF HATE

  1. It’s all about how we perceive and, feel about our selves, that gets, transferred to how others may, perceive and, treat us. If we see ourselves, in more negative terms, then, our external environment picks up on that vibe, and, returns it, back to us, the opposite applies too: if we have positive views of ourselves, then, the outside world will, see us, with more positively too.

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