Life is unpredictable. If we know anything it’s that.

We don’t get to decide who we are born to, where we are born, or what abilities or disabilities we might have.

We are all born into an unsolvable puzzle. A maze with walls that move, windows that won’t budge, fences made with wire, wood, stone, electricity. We can look back at where we have been and still not be able to predict what’s ahead. There is no hacking this puzzle called life.

And for all the scary, painful corners that hide ahead there are plenty of beautifully precious golden corners. The only thing a person in a maze such as this can do is explore.

Absorb the lessons. Use your gifts to turn what’s in front of you into something beautiful for those coming behind you. Share your journey so the people you meet might have a better experience because of you.

Life might be unpredictable but we can choose to be unpredictably good.

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