When finally, finally I had opened my eyes

I could feel the spiders scurry from their webs

And cockroaches who had thought me dead

Scuttled frantically from under my bones

I felt like a pile of sawdust waiting for the wind

To come along and sweep me into a hurricane

Back into the chaos from which I was born

All flesh and rubber bones, no face, no voice

But the wind that came was my own breath

And then giant footsteps began to thunder

Shaking the ground beneath my heavy sorrow

It was my own heartbeat stepping heavy

Shaking the stones above and around me

Until they cracked and then crumbled

Leaving me gasping at the sunrise in awe

As if it was the first light I’d ever seen

Reborn into the warmth of a new day

My old self left for dead upon yesterday’s alter

3 thoughts on “YESTERDAY’S ALTER

  1. “O me or my. Those eyes of blue make me sly and quiet. When I fall into them. I dream of a sea day and us. Near the sea without a care or place to be. Thank you kind and sweet friend for allowing me to be in those perfect and wonderful blue eyes.”
    Hello my dear friend. A poem for those blue eyes, you have. Hello from Michigan.

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