Survival means Breathing dust made of glass Heartache like stickpins Racing through veins It means sucking up lava And spitting out shards of ice It’s walking on rusty nails And bleeding out your disease It’s burdening cancerous boils Of sadness and despair As love works it’s magic Making all the hard stuff Worth the surviving


The turbulence is there Even in the quiet Inside the gentle rocking The to and fro of life It’s always, always there Like a crouching cat Just waiting To release its fury Because at its core Turbulence is furious And before you know it Before you can hold on With great sweeping tides And deep…


Experience falls upon us Settling in layered beds Muddy rust, shiny silver Crystals of every color Debris and rotted roots Every single one of us A unique mix of sediment With treasures not easily seen But always worth digging for


I still pray God give me strength Give me wisdom Give me patience But I never Not once left it at that Because he gave me life A thinking brain A versatile will A moveable body He provided the nails And made me the hammer I’ve always believed That together we’d build A whole life…


It’s a bit unsettling Knowing she’s still A part of me I know how strong And fierce she is Like a glowing ember She is fully awake Just waiting to burn This house I’ve built To protect myself From her brutality *I’d be foolish to believe I’ve beaten depression. She will always be waiting for…


His world shaped itself around me His shoulders Strengthened me His embrace Held my peace His gaze Held my wonder And his lips Whispered My history to bed And sung My future into being His world shaped itself Beautifully into mine.


The snow Dropped quietly Covering Everything Beautiful Majestic But… Someday She whispered Soft and quiet Like the snow Someday The cold will melt The wet will dry And my breath Will float away Without freezing Again… Someday It’s so hard being a mom. Or at least a mom who cares. My girl is nearly 15…