Written for anyone who is stuck in the dance with anxiety and depression.  It isn’t an easy dance to cut away from.  One of the hardest things for someone suffering from depression is to reach out for help.  Depression causes a person to isolate and feel unworthy of life.  Don’t let depression lie to you… reach out… ask for help…
She closes her eyes
She can feel it close
Closing in
Her heart speeds up
She breathes deep
Easy does it
Slow it down
She listens to herself
Slow inhale
Steady exhale
It creeps ever closer
Quiet like a predator
Her hands hold tight
The chair she sits in
Its presence electric
She braces
Body rigid
Waiting on the impact
The shock of its touch
As it reaches out
A sharp bony finger
Tracing a jagged line
Down her spine
Slicing painless
Just deep enough
To bury itself inside
Making itself at home
It won’t be long now
Before she hears it
Whispering in her head
Hello my friend
Its been too long
Let me try this again
Come with me
Let’s dance for awhile
And maybe this time
You will give in
And just come with me
*This is just a piece of fiction.
Not my current state of mind.

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