Bright white
Flashes of light
Gathered into
Cascading sparks
Flowing like heat
Over sharp edges
Where curves
Once guided
The life pumping
Through my veins
Worn crevices
Where anger
And pain
And marked
Once smooth
With acid stain
Leaving me
Filled with lava
Flashing embers
Instead of
The soft glow
Of morning light

9 thoughts on “FLASHING EMBERS

  1. So pour your acid
    Into my undermined heart
    Let it flow into the chambers
    Where I keep my deepest self
    And allow it to corrode
    To create a channel out
    Let it leach the love
    I try (to no effect)
    Not to mix with trust
    Let me meet your eyes
    See there your dismissal
    And turn to dust
    Pour your acid
    All across my skin
    Fie, fie on me
    I loved too soon
    Got burned
    You win

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