So many colors Melt into my eyes Absorbing the light And transforming it Distorting it Then transporting it Into bundles Small and nondescript Barely noticeable Into the universe Of black and white


The world is speeding A blurry comet streaking A surface full of ghosts Wondering dazed in a fog Give me this day our… What are the words? The prayer we used to say When all went wrong? He’s got the whole world In the palm of his hand And he’s bouncing it Banking it off…


Sometimes the road parts And there is nothing there for you One takes you up the other down And neither one leads to happy Nothing but trouble and worry So do you stay? Do you stand still? Keep what you have and wait? Or do you head off road… off map Find that happy you…


The moment was magic Erasing every little doubt Like a lighthouse beaming Peering deep into the dark The ghosts stopped haunting And the devils stood in awe For there was no other alive Not ever To silence her darkness With one little smile


Experience falls upon us Settling in layered beds Muddy rust, shiny silver Crystals of every color Debris and rotted roots Every single one of us A unique mix of sediment With treasures not easily seen But always worth digging for


I don’t feel like I am a negative person. Do I get weighed down sometimes in all the shit I read and witness? Yes. Do I let it keep me from trying to do good? No. Do I try to stay positive even when the depths of Hell raise up and try to devour us…


It was the turbulence Paired with a high velocity Waves of spinning motion Spiraling in conjunction With the flow of negativity Abundantly loud and chaotic Their emotions collided Collecting speed Grabbing debris Folding violent hate Into tornadoes of vitriol Vorticity revolving Around weapons Made up of spittle And condemnation The eye of a hurricane A…


  My words get drawn Letter by letter And by the time they are spoken They are nearly all faded As transparent as invisible ink Passed over and overlooked Not important Or too insignificant The power put into them Stolen By passing parades Negligent attention spans And broken concentration