We can’t see past the reflections

Written and created by producers

Selling lies from their silver screens

Projecting fear and disharmony

Turning lives into hollow screams

They follow her and pick at her

They antagonize her and berate her

They feed her lines to use as hers

Then they tell her she is brilliant

And inoculate her and call it a cure

They pick through the garbage

Covering rust with painted gold

Giving it to poor beggars in need

They are magicians repurposing rot

Seeking glory for their good deed

Let me tell you what I think; my rave

About the deceptive ways they enslave

Teaching our children to grow and behave

Creating social norms with their evil ways

Leaving us empty with addictions to crave

It’s about time, dontcha think?

We start creating a better kind of truth

It’s been far too long since we’ve heard

Just how worthwhile living can be

Because for far too long…

We’ve allowed reality to be blurred

15 thoughts on “BLURRED REALITY

  1. Wow ! That was a unique perspective to the art of film-making and acting. Loved the way your words flowed, with each line hitting hard. The wonderful piece talked to me about the need to grow a sense of responsibility who have the power to affect the thinking of masses.
    The title of the poem ‘blurred reality’ makes complete sense after reading it. Absolutely superb 🙂


  2. All true. For a long time I thought the greatest invention was the MUTE button on the remote control, so I didn’t have to hear the commercials. Then, I found something better, the OFF button. Little by little we are working at creating that truer understanding, and we are many. re-blogging

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