I sit listening to my tears

Like rainfall adding to a flood

I sit visiting them

Wading through them

Listening to each one of them

Stories of heartache and truth

Some brought to life by despair

Some cry of loneliness

Betrayal, bitterness, and anger

Still others jealousy

Love found then lost

They gather unashamed

In pools of wistfulness

Each with a voice

Sometimes loud and clear

Other times just a whisper

Tragically flowing nonstop

Until I cover my ears

Having had more than enough

But the tears

They won’t stop

Until they’ve had their say

28 thoughts on “WHY TEARS DON’T STOP

  1. The tragedy is people are crying rivers drowning those willing to swim to shore and change the rain to sunny days. So many justify going back to the pain and end up tearless and bitter!!!!


  2. I have a shoulder but it isn’t strong enough to hold die weight….after the tears settle lets walk towards solution; than and only than I know the tears were from the heart and not a bruised ego!!!!!


  3. Why are there tears that flood u with no thought of that hurt u trust was told ur the forever soul ending in bad situation all most die.then those words in sickness an health u must undergo surgery to say ur life.u suffer though excruciating pain keeping it as best as u can.those words u can make it then come j one changed now just existing .not living as u no longer yet know what ur able to do.not can’t do.but unable.looks at u.says I’m throwing u out.my heart employers.then divorces me.no life isolated alone homebound an perm… disabled….an for yrs u fight ur way back.an ur heart is ripped .a hole in my chest.I do all.most outrages thugs anytime.the words stay what he said.when I was seconds from Dr call it time…I had died heart reseated.he says ur damaged goods….I know words words ….but I’m losing its in my dreams.any words of………..


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