Brain in a straightjacket

Muzzled and bound

Static filled silence

Absorbing the sound

Re-uptake inhibitors

Selecting serotonin

Gagging the ruminating

Inessential problem solving

Doubting, worrying, obsessing

Disarming a warning system

Installed imperfectly

Disengaging from warfare

And any poisonous thoughts

Used and appropriated

By an amygdala born turncoat

My brain locked

In its own psych ward

Leaving me to realize

Instead of rationalize

I was forgetting to worry

I was forgetting to doubt

The sun was returning

Burning off the clouds

Once paranoid with voices

Replaced by silvery billows

Filled with nothing more sinister

Than a possible orchestra of rainy sound

5 thoughts on “FORGETTING TO WORRY

  1. Insightful! We just had a discussion about S.A.D. over at Johnny O’s weekly music theme: Summertime Sadness. Thanks for providing unconditional support and understanding for everyone suffering from depression. You really make a difference! β™₯

    Liked by 1 person

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