Hasty feet
He lied to her
More than once
Over and over again
One lie…two lie…three lie
All of it a series of useless lies
Then there was another man, smart
He was most clever and seemed genuine
But seemed is another word for an illusion right
And then there are those caught up in their own fight
Looking for love to stroke their egos with everything in sight
I believe in love grounded in honesty but it’s like climbing up stairs
It takes time and effort to find real love. The longer you pause on each step
The longer it will take to reach the top, to find the true love you are looking for

18 thoughts on “STEPPING PAST LIES

  1. amazing how easy it is for some to lie…and for others to believe them. all we want is an honest love…is that really so damned hard? love the post… 🙂


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