Reconciling never ends As the narrow bones Widen into countries And the steps descend Into chaotic drumbeats We churn the gold out Spread it on idols Tarnished repetition Tok tok tok tok tik Developing desperation The bell tolled And landscapes rolled And nobody Was the wiser


It gets rusty with all the rain And the yellows Just run into brown all day The pain echos Inside hallways Locked away from you But sometimes I think you can hear The ruining Behind those walls It’s not as noisy As you’d think The death of words So many slaughtered Reimagined And recreated For…


A GUEST POEM BY Byron Hamel They force you into theseLittle rowsIndustrial linoleumWorn down to bedrockWhere you waitUntil they are as urgent as you areAbout the death and mayhemPlease wait calmlyWhile the world caves inAnd you stay at the bottomIf you liveThey caught me cryingThis time about Hiroshima and NagasakiI’d been in the middle of…


Tangled up with roots That no longer hunger Soaking up rust Can’t hold on much longer Heavy and weary The oppression stronger Stuck in the mud Nothing to do but slumber Hold me down so I can’t breath To waste away in my mental bunker


PROMPT: All about words I stopped writing Because I wanted To write like them They were better Smarter, more clever And it hurt me That I wrote like this Small thoughts So simplistic Like a dog Pissing on hydrants Here I am I have words That mean little That change nothing So I stopped writing…


There is a quote that says “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”. ~ Richard Puz So many hands holding fingers holding hands I look at mine holding tears, holding sand The tomorrows seem scattered, they seem sad I can’t reign in the fear that keeps…


I believed for awhile The monster cried That it was as alone And broken inside But tears never fell Life never called And death just Stood alone No monster Just me


Maybe the words won’t flow There is no waterfall No marching syllables Maybe the sigh doesn’t come There is no gentle breeze No soft release of air Maybe the eyes can’t see There is no rising sun No focused images Maybe there is no beat There is no thunder No vital signs


I was in 7th grade Weighed 110 lbs I was eating lunch Minding my own When a boy called me A fat cow and mooed Enter another boy Out of nowhere I didn’t know Had never seen Who stood up for me Curly blonde hair Tall and adorable He sat next to me Said I…