The dark keeps finding me

The harder I try to run away

The darker it gets; intensely

The darkness surrounds me

No hands can be seen, reaching

No shoulders to hug, embracing

Voices get lost, aimless echoes

And silence sits across from me

I can feel it killing me, tonight

Suffocating me inside its deep

Like tar the night hides me

Without stars to guide me

My mind has woven a spell

And I will die here in my hell


32 thoughts on “MY HELL

  1. It will get better, I promise. As little as it means coming from me, it will get better.

    “When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” ~Barbara Bloom


  2. Glad you are better, but sad to know you feel such despair at times. I hope all is well and you are surrounded by love as you truly deserve to be. You are a shining star my friend.


  3. I apologize for the delay in responding on the duet. This poem pretty much sums up why. I also accidentally deleted everything in my inbox. Would you be willing to try this again? I am so sorry. The last few weeks have been tough.


  4. I am awarding you the Blog of the Year Award 2013 as an expression of my gratitude for following “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blog. You can see the post here: If you don’t accept awards, that’s no problem at all. Awarding you is my way to thank you and it is of no insult to me if you decline.


  5. This is another good picture, but what’s with all the words? Maybe what you really need is a fashion blog. That’s where people post sexy pictures of themselves in various outfits. All this poetry is getting in the way of your sexiness.


  6. As the smoke rises from down below, follow it up and out, chimney your way to the top where a night sky waits with a weight lighter than air in these last days of Spring, a weight lighter than those canvas shoes laced upon bare feet, kicking dust up from each heel to find an evening’s breeze, a breeze before a new Summer’s sunrise just now approaching, just a few more days, Summer’s night and Summer’s sunrise…

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  7. This is the best way to describe depression on paper. This is excellent. Keep up the good work, you are truly talented, making your weakness your strength through poetry ❤

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