I keep visiting worn out places
Discarded memories scorched
Revisiting all the same spaces
I long ago thought I’d torched

Wrap me inside your arms

Stark colors spin too fast
Burning tattooed flesh
Comic strip stories from the past
I can’t seem to refresh

Keep me from dying inside

I want to be somebody new
An identity far, far, and away
From this face I have to view
A place mirrors couldn’t stay

Keep me from dying tonight

6 thoughts on “TATTOOED FLESH

  1. O-hasty, how i miss, our creative endeavours, you’ve brought me a gift, which i play with almost every day… i’ve often wonder, how you make it throughout each day, within your mind spin life into dreams, as one keeps one foot into reality and filling your love towards family….


  2. Then the sky cracked open and your shadows poured in
    Staining my life with darkness and the weight of your sin
    Taunting my fragile self with snaggle-toothed grin
    And the ground shifts…

    Buffeted fore and aft by the winds of discontent
    Trying to see through the haze and not sure where the time went
    Wondering, wandering, tattered and soul-rent
    And the ground shifts…

    Forced smile wide as I endure your withering stare
    Lungs burn, I’ve forgotten to breathe and you don’t care
    Tried to save myself but your poison was everywhere
    And the ground shifts…

    Watch, watch the glint in my eye as I re-frame
    Contrasting perspective has suddenly changed the game
    So I’ll gather my burning ashes and try again
    And the ground shifts…


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