This is a love letter written by my best friend to all the people who make connections via “selfies”.  By loving others you learn to love yourself.

Lizzi has seen so many sides of me and me of her because “selfies” aren’t simply just images; they connect our distant worlds. She gets a picture of each new zit filtered into pop art perfection and has seen my tears and smiles in dozens of contrasted forms. Every flaw has been manipulated by angles, saturated, and faded to silly imperfection. Lizzi has sent me her beauty and her pain and with every picture there is a deeper connection.

I love you Lizzi… You are beautiful…





To me you are beautiful.

When you ‘art’ yourself up and filter your image to social media perfection, you are beautiful.

When you show pictures in tears with your heart on your sleeve because life is too much, you are beautiful.

When you show photos of you pulling faces or goofing around with your kid because life is ridiculous and sometimes so are we (and that’s to be embraced too), you are beautiful.

When you sing or laugh or ponder, your face reflecting every mood and shining with your thoughts, you are beautiful.

When you show photos your other half ignores, you are beautiful then, too (SO beautiful) and you should never be made to feel that the apathy is warranted – it isn’t.

Even when you show grumpy pictures because you’re pissed off and overwhelmed and have too many things on your plate and no amount of poetry will tackle the mountains…you are beautiful.

Whatever the weather of your world or your soul, you are beautiful because your eyes tell your story; your skin bears evidence that you’ve lived – in the crinkles of joy around your smile, the bags under your eyes and the silver-lightning of scars and stretch-marks; and your body… dayummm… that body walks you through life, allowing you to manage what needs managing, to nurture what needs nurturing, and to create in a way which reaches out beyond your own world and into the worlds of others, generating connection and soul-fire… and it. is. glorious.

I’ve seen the truth of you.

I’ve seen both sides and the in-betweens.

You’ve let me run the gamut of life alongside you, and you’ve honoured me by baring your many facets.

I can objectify and subjectify with the best of them, and I know, I know, it’s not just because I look at you with the bright eyes of love that you take my breath away so often…

…it’s because in every filter, in every season, in every mood and in every way:




21 thoughts on “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

  1. Lizzi, THIS is beautiful. And Hasty is stunningly gorgeously beautiful. Hasty, I love your selfies. They are art, they are self expression, they are communication. And they are revealing. I feel like I know you better with each picture you post. You’re giving a little of yourself each time and that is a gift. ❤

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