I am very excited to be part of this new project.  If you have a passion for poetry and want to possibly be featured in a new biannual poetic publication please check out the submission guidelines.

Laura A Lords has created a beautiful site and we have some exciting prompts coming your way to help get your creative juices flowing.

We are looking for poetry that is real, brutal, honest. We want the words you are afraid to speak out-loud. We want strong voices that cut through to the heart of the matter at hand. We want to step away from your poetry feeling a little raw. We want words that awaken emotion.

In my experience, poetry doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  Poetry is not only therapeutic but has been proven to help heal us in some visible and not so visible ways. Please consider sharing and getting involved.

Poetry is important.

The Reverie: Now Open!.


  1. I just want to say that your blog, poetry and artwork are truly amazing. And please understand, I am not just buttering you up. I clicked on ‘Visit my Art Gallery’ and was truly transported to a place of awe. I’m so jealous. I wish I had half your talent. Your poetry also is so poignant. I love how it I can really step away from it understanding and feeling ‘a little raw’.

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  2. i wish i had the time to take part in prompts. for photos and my dog, but otherwise i feel inept. i am actually feeling quite inept with the whole writing thing i am afraid. as much as i love to write, i cannot write what i think i should be writing. i know i am being horribly self-conscious and worried about what others are thinking of me, which is what i already see in myself which is not favorable. grr, it is like a vicious circle.

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    • I live in that same mean circle. I think you write beautifully and I wouldn’t say so if I didn’t think it. Also, just write for you…i know it is said a million times… but you have too.
      For instance my husband sent me a text regarding word choice for a poem yesterday. He said “you didn’t just…hahahahah” I was like wow. I meant to use that word but I changed it. I shouldn’t have.


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