I’ve been making art. If you like art or pretty things follow me on Instagram or Twitter. HastywordsArt on Instagram or Tik Tok at hastydawnwords

I started painting as a way to bond with my kiddo. It’s amazing all the things teens will talk about with you when they are absentmindedly working on a project.

And then it was a way to keep me afloat after my divorce until I could sell the home we had all built together.

And now it’s a way to save up some extra cash for my eventual move to Canada to be with my long term, long distance love.

But really the best part is that I’ve gained a happier and more stable mind.

So if you like pretty things and just want to support me come follow me and share me. Maybe someday I can even quit my day job and make pretty things all day long. A girl can dream.

If you are interested in any of these or would like to commission a piece you can email me

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