I was thinking about how much I try to be a good person. Foster good intentions. But I’ve been the villain too. I’m not perfect and I do mean things whether intentional or not.

Eminem “Big Weenie” just started its lyrical foray in my head. Give me a sec’. Gotta shut that down dead.


My heart is cautious but it hasn’t always been. It used to be superhero quick to ALL IN but it’s older and wiser now. It’s been in a few battles since then. Most of the battles were and are with my own brain.

Speaking of big meanie anyone who has been severely depressed knows what living with a mean brain is like. So to say I’m not capable of being mean would be a huge lie. My own brain has hurt me more than anyone else possibly could. Unfortunately, that brain has lashed out and done some damage.

My daughter tells people all the time I’m too nice but she knows better. She’s seen the villain try to eat her mom. But she’s seen her mom fight and win.

It takes Two to Tango. She’s going to school for graphic design. She was given this phrase to create a design for.

This is her design. Isn’t it wonderful?

I had to train my brain and my heart to Tango instead of fight. Surviving myself is the most heroic thing I’ve ever done.

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