For years and years

He tells me

I am beautiful

That he loves me

And I believe him

Because he’s honest

And yet…

Some days I need to ask

“Do you love me?”

And it must be exhausting

To reestablish the established

To re-utter the uttered

To have to tear down walls

That have been torn down

All because depression has learned

To build walls fast, must isolate

Separate me from love

So I can be defeated

But I’ve learned some magic words

That if said to the right person

Will send the walls back down again

“Do you love me?”

Means I need help

And because I trust you

I’ll believe your words

So right now

More than the other thousands

I need you to tell me yet again

I belong here

Because I’m valuable

And loved

And my hope is that someday

I can fight depression

By asking myself

“Do you love me?”

But it’s not trustworthy

Because too often my voice

Has answered “I never did”

On stronger days though

I’m trying to train that inner voice

To automatically say

“Hell yes I love you”

And those damn walls

Won’t stand a chance

Byron, thank you for being a voice I can trust when I can’t trust my own. I love you ❤️

12 thoughts on “DO YOU LOVE ME?

  1. We cannot directly know an other’s heart and mind. We’ve no Vulcan mind meld. So, there’s a kind of magic in finding we fully trust when we hear those words, “I love you.”, one with which some doubtful inner voice can no longer argue.

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  2. Must be amazing, to have someone who gives you unconditional love and support, and make you feel safe, not everybody has the chances of having that. You are, very blessed, to love someone, and to have that special someone loves you back.

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