I wanted to do an acrylic flow painting on this large 4’ x4’ with some red. I tend to gravitate towards gold and blue and wanted to be bolder.

I finished it and hung it in a friend’s office for about a year. It looked good there but I wanted to do more with it. I picked it up, took it home, and I waited for inspiration.

I kept associating the red with fire and eventually a Fire Dragon was born. I love dragons and I really love how this painting turned out.

I hold tight to a monster with sharp metal teeth

His wings are made of fire, pure lava they seeth

He battles storms and chaos where I cannot

Soaring brave into battle, a genuine dreadnaught

He fights without fear, confident and bold

His eyes become my eyes, pinpoints of gold

Poignant and indignant to my predator’s gaze

His voice is my voice our words set ablaze

The defender of my soul, he doesn’t break down

Wading in the devil’s fire he swallows the sound

The noisy torment that crashes like an angry sea

The lies meant to drown the strongest parts of me

I am a princess locked in a tower full of emotion

Kept safe by a dragon, from a demon’s devotion

17 thoughts on “MY VERY OWN DRAGON

  1. Dragons, eventually, turn into, the best friends of, princesses who have isolated themselves, who chose, to lock themselves in, to keep, everything else out. They are, our, true, best friends, in that, that keep us, protected, and they’re, something we can, train too!

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