I was in 7th grade

Weighed 110 lbs

I was eating lunch

Minding my own

When a boy called me

A fat cow and mooed

Enter another boy

Out of nowhere

I didn’t know

Had never seen

Who stood up for me

Curly blonde hair

Tall and adorable

He sat next to me

Said I wasn’t a cow

And he asked me on a date

My first date. Roller skating.

My mom dropped me off

We rented our skates

My stomach was knotted

My knees were weak

He liked me

And I didn’t feel

Like a fat cow

Then the lights went out

The disco ball twinkled

And a slow song came on

We were going to hold hands

Until this blonde girl

A Marsha Brady look alike

Asked him to dance

And he did

He did dance with her

He did leave me standing

Alone. Heart in hand.

To dance with her

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

And I called my mom

And went home

A fat cow

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