Did I do it right? Am I doing it right?

How many times do I ask myself or God this question everyday?

My perspective changes. My opinion changes. There is no right or wrong there is only what I did and what I will do. I question my choices hoping to get wiser and smarter and yet the same question remains.

So many doubts, mistakes, and setbacks that can only happen if I were actively making choices and moving forward. So many things I never would have learned or accomplish had I not been trying.

I have no answer to the question. Only advice to myself.

Be still and know that the world and its pathways are far bigger than any decisions you make alone. You can set out to change the world and you will in ways you never imagined. You will change pieces of it whether it is your intention or not. And these changes will be good and bad.

Your mistakes and your missteps are but an echo in time. It’s more productive to say what can I do right now rather than what should I have done.

Am I doing it right? I’m sure trying.

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