There is a moment when you realize that your journey is yours. That moment is different for everyone. That moment for me was when I needed brain surgery. They say life flashes before your eyes when you are faced with the possibility of no tomorrow. And though we all face that possibility every second… rarely do we feel it as acutely as when someone we love dies or we are faced with our own death.

People who love us hope we know what we are doing. They may feel like they know better. They may even stress about your choices but… it’s not their journey.

Your regrets will be your regrets. Your joys will be yours. Nobody… not even those who love and want the best for you can know what your future holds.

As a Christian I often think about death and what it means. How does death change my journey. How should I change how I plan for my life. And I know Heaven is something Christians often take comfort in. But it’s never been the reason for my journey or for the plans I make.

Death isn’t the point. It’s never been the point. Life… what we are given and how we use it is the point. What lies beyond matters not and if it does then I don’t feel we are doing life right.

Learning how to love is the point of life. It just is. Learning how to love isn’t easy and it’s not intuitive. It’s hard because it’s about us and them. It’s about sacrifice and joy and tears and healing and surviving. It’s about searching and learning.

I choose to love and have never once regretted even the most painful lessons love taught me. And I have so much more to learn. And I love that.

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