Like glitter falling from a broken sky

Jagged little pieces of atmosphere

Cut through these hands of mine

There are no silver horizons and

Only shards to illustrate the moon

Who will fall out of these reflections

Once the ground collects their souls


  1. Hello Hasty, been long time no read. I myself have progressed to publishing my first poetry book on Amazon, me and a little group have got together to support and get the word out about our new and for them older books. We just started here in wordpress by giving reviews to each other and sooner than later progress to other platforms like FB, twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Here is a post I posted for this person about his book.
    I think is a great way to support each other and get the word out abut our books, seems like a win win situation for all of us.
    Let me know if you are interested and I´ll give you my email so we can discuss it a bit more, how would you like to go about it or give us some fresh ideas.
    Great poem, hope to hear from you soon.


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