Voodoo cursed

And jury tried


For her humanity

Her lips sewn

With wooden vines

Cross stitched

Haphazardly through

Previous scars

And healing scabs

Keep those emotions

Those hard feelings

To yourself they said

As they sentenced them

Forever imprisoned

Inside a fleshy tomb

To rot and decay

Inside her fucked up brain

12 thoughts on “SENTENCED

  1. Wonderful poem and a creepy image to along with “the rot and decay” this poem talks about. The picture reminds me of a cover of the Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood. Futuristic, dystopian crazy book but an excellent read! Also, if you’ve seen the children’s movie ‘Coraline,’ It makes me think of it as well.

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  2. Intense – wanting to cut those stitches – free the voice – Its happening a lot lately that what I read in the blogs and on FB calls up a song or a poem, or even a play-list – I have to try to look up the lyrics for the one this exchange between you two (Hasty and Lizzi) calls up, just in case Lizzi can’t hear it in UK like that other one.

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