The silence unsettles me

I could never make it my home

Sometimes words fail me

And thoughts hide frozen and numb

The outside world is missing

Biting its tongue, abandoning me

I am not one to enjoy quiet solitude

It taunts me, surrounds me, imprisons me

Is it the world ignoring me?

Or am I avoiding the world?

Suffocated by tranquility

My ears yearn for meaning

Strangled by it, consumed by it, tied up and bound by it

The silence unsettles me

I could never make it my home



    I can feel your pain, like the falling rain
    it washes over me leaving me damp and cold and shivering –
    but the thought of you warms me like a cup of hot chocolate
    and I know it’s going to be okay.

    I see through the glaring light of your smiles, and while
    you try to hide what you feel inside, I know, in that knowing
    that only love can reveal. I want to gather your tears
    in the well of my understanding, and pour them
    upon the fire of your fears.

    I don’t have much to offer, just my heart and my love
    but love won’t pay this rent, when you are spent
    within the crucible of self-doubt. How can I reach you
    and teach you what I know…that you are perfection;
    I don’t want to heal you, just reveal to you the beauty
    that is you.

    You don’t have to let me in, but you, my friend
    will always be in me, like a broken sparrow whose wings
    will heal, and I know you will fly again.


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