I can’t promise tomorrow

That it will be void of sorrow

But I can promise my smile

My listening ear, my arms

Hugs full of loving strength

Standing in wait to renew you

A friend here to help mend you

Give me your heart to protect

Until you can stand again

Until you have strength again

16 thoughts on “MY PROMISE

  1. Jesus. A giant picture of red lips? Well, that’s blatant enough. Why don’t you just take a picture of some other part of … Never mind. I still think you have sex confused with love.

    But wouldn’t it be nice if all the lonely people in the world had a friend, not just any friend but a friend they actually wanted. I mean, finding just any friend is easy, but a good friend … that’s a challenge.

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  2. Damn, who says there’s something wrong with sex and confusing that with love??? Listen I know Carmen needs a support system like no other right now! And lips (fuck anyone who doesn’t understand your art) means a great big kiss which isn’t sexual it’s a term of endearment or affection! Hello!!!

    Be your own artist is say!!

    Jessica is going to love your poems as they come from every angel! I for one appreciate it for a beautiful, piece of word art from your heart and for that it brought tears to my eyes! Carman asked if I had scene it… I came looking for it! That’s how much it meant to her!

    I am a friend of theirs and since she can’t come on here and research everyone’s love I’m gonna put together a bunch of the love that you’ll are sending I think it will mean the world to Jess!

    Thank you for your love to my friend and I enjoyed it too!

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