This was how I felt 4 months ago. So much can change so quickly. We lose ourselves and find ourselves over and over again.

Hold tight… Don’t let go… Stay and fight…


The lyrics I’ve already heard a thousand times are set on repeat
The same sentiments over and over, camped out, taking a seat
The kinds of things I say to you but well… to her you speak
That’s when my heart felt the fight

I booze and drug and sex myself so much I can’t think
I quench my thirst on dust, then dirt, then muddy drink
I spit it to the ground and beg the earth to let me sink
That’s when my body felt the fight

The illness that comes and leads all my thoughts astray
The misery that tells me constantly it (I) will never be okay
The way those things burden and heavily weigh
That’s when my mind felt the fight

I can’t find a way out of the maze, this incongruent place
I knock down walls, but they rise back up in my face
I fall hard to my knees and ask for God’s good grace
That’s when my soul felt the fight

11 thoughts on “THE FIGHT

  1. Love your heart, mind, body, and soul, the way it writes, inks and illustrates through words, imagery and the senses; how worlds change, their struggles, their championing within social diversity to what individuals and collectives live and breathe, to be…


  2. Just keep fighting, kicking, clawing, biting.. And if you find one day that you just cannot.. Call upon those who will do the ass kicking for you. I’m a pretty good ass kicker myself. Just sayin’ 😉 And PS, I’m happy you didn’t sink into the earth. I enjoy your presence here even if it’s only through your words and beautiful face.

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  3. Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. “We lose ourselves and find ourselves over and over again.” I love that, it describes my life exactly. ((hugs))


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