She spent days
In her bedroom
Barely clothed
Spilling tears
Into a pillow
Artfully and
Desperately stained
In midnight black
Knotted messy hair
Sticking to the snot
That took turns
Running then drying
On her salty cheeks
She had no reasons
No desire to care
Living for days
Upon endless
Fucking days
At words
At phrases
Etched into
Her prison walls
They didn’t see them
Those who came
Those who went
They didn’t see
The deep gouges
Into the concrete
Of her haunted mind
Words that sounded
Like a thousand
Screaming whispers
Worthless, pointless
Ridiculous, weak
You’re selfish
You’re fucking broken

THEY only saw
Her lying there
Unwilling to move…
THEY didn’t understand
She was unable
They didn’t see
The mental restraints
Lazy and sad…
THEY didn’t understand
The liquid dark
That filled her lungs

Thank God though
For THEY the people
Who suit up in armor
Who warrior against
That silent death
That invisible death
THEY who battle
The torment
Inside her head

7 thoughts on “HER MIDNIGHT

  1. Your digital artwork, graphic design, and DTP skills are totally on the up and up. Love the way you’ve pulled together the feature image and text to express the story, narrative behind the words.


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