I love when poems just happen.  This one happened late at night, we were all tired and he just started speaking it out loud as I typed his thoughts.  Later I took a look at it and added my parts.  I love how he thinks…so positive and uplifting!


Written by Josh Lindsey and HastyWords

I stare at the moon

And it stares back

The stars in the sky

Resting on a blanket of black

Glittering like a city scape

Reminding me of blessings

Gifted generously to me

The skyline unfolds

Mimicking my joyful heart

And in happiness

I reflect in memories

Remembering friendships

I may have taken for granted

But the steady love that flows

Light up my days with hope

And by night soothes my very soul

Sometimes all we have to do

Is forget the pains of the past

Unlock the chains that hold us back

So we can look to the sky

To the blessings written among stars

Like a never ending love story

The light surrounds us and lights our way

Into the dark midnights of tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT

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