Let me lie here
Under your eyes
As they wander slowly
Over constellations
That play upon my skin
Under this starlight

Let me lie here
As I become
A stardust breeze
Chasing fires
Fueled by longing
Inside your gaze

Let us lie here
Each offering
Broken hearts
To create comets
Inside this universe
We collided in

7 thoughts on “COLLIDED

  1. Yes
    as we lie here
    within the soft touch
    of each others
    kin to skin,
    of yesterday,
    where in life we’ve been.

    As we flow
    mysteriously hidden
    in society
    touching those
    within loving harmony
    as a butterfly midnight

    Too disappear
    like rainbow stars
    shooting across
    our universe.
    Yes, laying
    our hearts,
    seeding creative dreams.

    Sorry hasty couldn’t resist….

    a wink a blink and two soft kisses…

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